On the color revolutions & libertarians

Let it never be said libertarians have not made theoretical contributions to politics & when they are again the marginal, lunatic fringe, they will be recognized for their contributions to comedy.

Their inventive minds have elaborated the concept of color revolutions–or at least extended the shelf life of such foolishness. More than a concept, it is an accusation, a real low-blow condemnation. If you don’t like what’s going on, like the anti-Trump protests or Women’s Marches, you dismiss them as a color revolution. The women’s color revolution is of course pink, The Trump color revolution could only be orange (even though the color’s already been claimed) with a bleached mop attached.

A color revolution is a “good old-fashioned regime change operation” which libertarians claim is going on any time a dictator is opposed or gets called out for criminality. There’s so many of the damn things they’ve run out of primary colors to name the regime change operations & are now working from a more creative color palette. A very extraterrestrial palette, like their thinking.

So go ahead, Color us pink. Color us orange. It makes no difference cause regime change is exactly what we’re after.