On the charges against Khurram Parvez of inciting stone pelting & protests

The kangaroo courts of the Indian occupying army will have a difficult time documenting the charge of encouraging stone pelting against Khurram Parvez since he has a substantial body of postings both on Facebook & on Twitter. Those who follow him know there isn’t a single post Indian authorities can point to. On the contrary, his posts concern human rights for Kashmiris.

As for inciting people to protest? Isn’t the right to assemble a basic democratic right? Isn’t massive protest one of the ways India gained its independence from Britain?

As for stone pelting, since I cannot be tried in an Indian court, let me say honestly that people under military occupation have a right to defend themselves by any means necessary. It is a travesty that stone pelting is prosecuted & not the use of pellet guns, tear gas & sound grenades, & live ammunition.