On Indian media straightening out Pakistani representative at UN who showed wrong photo

Pal & Kashmiri victims Sept 26 2017

So glad Indian media straightened out Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s UN representative, who held up a photo at the UN General Assembly of a Palestinian girl suffering shrapnel injuries from Israeli carpet bombing of Gaza in 2014. Here she thought it was one of the thousands of young people in Kashmir suffering pellet gun injuries inflicted by the Indian occupying army–like the young boy on the right.

Now that Indian media has clarified that, will they start reporting on the criminal military relationship India has going with Israel & start reporting on the Indian army’s human rights crimes in Kashmir? Or will they just ride it out & continue covering for the monstrous crimes of their government? Does Indian media require more documentation of pellet gun injuries in Kashmir? That can, unfortunately, be provided in abundance.

(Photo on left is Palestinian girl; photo on right is Kashmiri boy)