Omar Abdullah, the butcher of Kashmir, on tour of U.S. campuses to pick up worthless honorifics

Omar Abdullah honorific from Princeton Apr 24 2018
Omar Abdullah, the former Indian Chief Minister for Jammu & Kashmir who authorized pellet guns, is apparently making the rounds of prestigious American universities–Berkeley, Princeton, Columbia–getting all sorts of honorifics & posting about them on Twitter. Henry Kissinger has a warehouse full of such useless honorifics, including the Nobel Peace Prize. Omar can rake in those awards up the wazoo but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a war criminal as odious as Henry–& that’s a pretty damning category to be in.

It might be noted that his honorifics aren’t making any headlines because they aren’t worth doodoo; one has to go to his Twitter wall to learn about them. But news of those Kashmiri protesters at Berkeley, including Kashmiri Pandits, did make headlines. You can use his silly-assed award from Princeton for toilet paper. It’s not good for anything else.

(Certificate from Omar Abdullah’s Twitter wall)