NY Times: “Cruelty & Cowardice in Kashmir”


This is an important editorial in the NY Times about the Indian occupying army in Kashmir using a young man as a human shield against stone throwers. The Times has previously reported on India’s use of pellet munitions in Kashmir.

Just so we’re clear, the NY Times has never been squeamish about human rights crimes within the US against Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, nor about human rights & war crimes the US & other regimes commit in other countries. Witness Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, & Gaza.

What concerns them is that India’s criminal excesses in Kashmir, well-documented, indisputably documented on social media by Kashmiri activists, will increase political pressure to end the occupation. The US is by no means a neutral observer of India’s crimes in Kashmir but has vested & military interests in the occupation.

Whatever the intent of NY Times editors, we should take this article & run with it to build solidarity with Kashmiris.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.