Nonsense claims about growing Russophobia to divert from Russian carpet bombing in Syria

Am I the only one not seeing this hating on Russia stuff or US saber-rattling against Russia that so many are warning about? Believe me, I know hating on Russia since I grew up in the McCarthy era with a mother who was ardently opposed to communism. But all the hating was about communism, not Russians since after all they’re white people. We’re only supposed to hate brown & black people.

Russia & communism were big topics in my family. But I don’t believe a single relative, or for that matter anyone I know, has uttered a peep about Russia for the past 25 years since the USSR collapsed. No body bad-mouthes communism since it’s presumed to be deader than a doornail. They don’t even write triumphalist obituaries anymore.

Concerned that I was missing out on an important new phenomenon—Russophobia & hating on white people–I googled myself silly & only found jeremiads about Russophobia on Russian & other websites that support Russia in Syria. And here I thought I was missing out on something.

So does the Russophobic alert mean when Obama talks tough about Putin? Or when we criticize Russian bombing in Syria? Cause that is not the same as hating on Russians or Russia or even Putin. That’s just opposing bombing people & that’s a good thing.