No decisions about future of Rohingya refugees without their direct involvement & control

Ro refugee with two kids in baskets (Twitter) Oct 18 2017

Are you noticing how many politicians & governmental bodies are calling for repatriation of Rohingya refugees without also denouncing & calling for an end to the genocide that sent 582,000 fleeing for their lives? That’s because they don’t want to provide humanitarian aid or accept refugees so to make the problem go away they call for repatriation back to certain death in Burma. The human rights imperative is: no decisions about the Rohingya refugees made without the direct & democratic involvement of the Rohingya people. It is what they want that matters, not what the UN, Bangladeshi, or other officials propose to cover for their back-handed collusion with the Burmese junta & Suu Kyi.

Photo is Rohingya refugee with his two kids. It is what he wants for their future that matters. Period.

(Photo from Twitter)