Nikki Haley talks through her ass about Palestinians to justify Israeli massacre

Nikki Haley at UN May 19 2018
Nikki Haley, who talks through her teeth like a pit bull, lectured the UN Security Council on its bias against Israel. She said Israel, “the most democratic government in the Middle East,” is being scapegoated at the UN. With Jared Kushner sitting right behind her, she also lectured Mahmoud Abbas, sitting in the audience like a dumb ox, against inciting Palestinians to violence. It’s at this point that she begins to talk through her ass & denounce “Hamas terrorist oppression” in Gaza which does not provide social services to Palestinians but instead builds tunnels & rockets. She expressed pity for the suffering of Palestinians but never mentioned the brutal Israeli embargo of Gaza, the several carpet bombing onslaughts, & the UN warnings that Israel was making Gaza uninhabitable.

The whole world witnessed unarmed Palestinian protesters shot down in cold blood by Israeli snipers but Haley talked about the large fictitious number of Israelis who have died from Palestinian suicide bombers & stabbings. Before such contemptible cynicism & deceit, the only response is to redouble our efforts at building the economic & cultural boycott of Israel.

(Photo is screenshot of the lying-assed Trump representative lecturing the UN. May she rot in hell.