Muslim women do not need saving

The murder of the young Muslim girl wearing a hijab in Sterling, Virginia once again brings up the relationship between the war & hate mongering of Islamophobia, religious freedom, & women’s rights. Nothing causes more vituperation on my wall than defense of the veil. That’s because of the deadly, toxic amalgam of hating on Muslims & on women.

Islamophobia combined with misogyny has made the veil a trigger evoking & stroking social hatred & intolerance. On the contrary, when I was a Catholic nun, our habits were held in highest esteem.

So let me re-post this marvelous piece by feminists Heba Ahmed & Afreen Firdaus Idrees so that those who understand this may better arm ourselves & that those who don’t will get on the stick & come to terms with the issue. It’s so elementary to democracy, feminism, justice.