Musical tribute to Kashmiri freedom struggle

Israel intentionally uses artistic culture (& sports) to promote colonial legitimacy & ethnic cleansing & pays musicians exorbitant fees to perform there. That’s why the cultural boycott aspect of BDS is so important.

Despite what seems overwhelming evidence to the contrary, human beings are magical creatures in some ways & that’s reflected in our profound need for art, music, dance, poetry. Human creativity should never be demeaned to serve apartheid & militarism but only to oppose it.

For Kashmir, we’ve seen the resistance & solidarity art of Mir Suhail, Rollie Mukherjee, & V Arun Kumar & the resistance music of Kashmiri rapper MC Kash. This is a tribute to the Kashmiri freedom struggle by Ali Saffudin, a Kashmiri singer/songwriter.

(It came from Huma Dar on Twitter who is permanently suspended by Facebook for posting a photo of the Kashmiri man whose funeral was attended by 600,000 people but whose name may not be mentioned on Facebook without threat of suspension.)