Mourning the dead during military occupation in Palestine & Kashmir

PalestineKashmir funeral

The mass funeral cort├Ęge/protest is a tragic feature of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank & of India’s occupation of Kashmir. What kind of world do we live in where our young are murdered for resisting oppression? Where our funerals become protests? Where we bury our beloved to requiems of freedom songs? Where military occupation has become the norm?

Long live Palestinian Intifada. Long live Kashmiri Intifada. No US military aid to Israel or India.

Build BDS. (It is not irrelevant that Israel sells armaments to India for use in Kashmir & trains the Indian paramilitary death squads deployed there.)

(Photo on top is recent funeral in West Bank of Naim Shawamrah who was held in Israel’s gulag for 19 years; photo on bottom is recent funeral in Kashmir of two young men killed by Indian troops.)