More Afghan civilians bombed to death by US

Funeral at Haska Mena Aug 11 2017 (DOAM)

Yesterday, 16 civilians, including women & children, were killed by a US airstrike in Haska Mena district of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. Eight members of one family were killed. Another eight people, four from the same family, were also killed as they were walking in the area during the strike. The dead were not recognizable & were carried away in bags. This follows an incident about two weeks ago when another US airstrike in Haska Mena killed eight civilians & injured ten others who were gathered for a religious ceremony.

The provincial police spokesman, who’s paid or threatened to talk stupid for Afghan & US military authorities said ISIS fighters were holed up in civilian houses & when the US bombed the houses they tried not to harm civilians. Maybe they could elaborate how it’s possible to bomb a house to take out ISIS but leave the civilians in the same, or even the next room unharmed? The police official said 25 ISIS fighters had been killed in the airstrikes. See how US-emancipation works out? More civilians get killed than ISIS fighters. And that is not a collateral accident but the very intention of the US war in Afghanistan.

US-NATO & mercenary forces out of Afghanistan now!

(Photo is funeral at Haska Mena today after yesterday’s airstrikes)