Modi & Netanyahu: a bromance made in hell

Modi and Netanyahu in ocean July 9 2017

All that groveling to Modi by Mahmoud Abbas when he visited India last May & this is the thanks he gets. Modi said India’s support for a Palestinian bantustate was unwavering, that “The relationship between India & Palestine is built on the foundation of longstanding solidarity & friendship since the days of our own freedom struggle” but then when he comes to visit Israel to buy weapons he gives Abbas the bum’s rush.

Modi’s not willing to drive past all those military checkpoints to exchange worthless felicitations with Abbas in the Palestinian Authority (PA) offices in Ramallah, West Bank when even Trump did that. It probably would have reminded him too much of those checkpoints in Kashmir. He didn’t even invite Abbas to romp barefoot in the ocean with him & Netanyahu when Abbas not only groveled so shamelessly before Modi but renders indispensable assistance to Israeli ethnic cleansing by administering the Oslo Accords to dispossess Palestinians of their lands.

Majdi ElKhaldi, the diplomatic adviser to Abbas & spokesperson for the PA, said India’s relations with Israel should not come at the expense of ties with Palestine. They took Modi’s snub to heart but they’ll take it a lot harder when Palestinians unceremoniously dump the PA & all of its corrupt leaders who administer ethnic cleansing in league with the Israeli occupation.

To support Palestinian self-determination & end the occupation, build & honor the economic & cultural boycott of Israel. Buy nothing with barcode beginning 729 & check the label on every product.