McAllen, Texas rally for Palestinians

We had a very moving Palestinian solidarity rally tonight attended by about 30 people. It would have been more did it not conflict with Iftar. It was beautifully coordinated with a man from Gaza reading off the names of those Palestinians killed in the Trump embassy massacre while their photos were held up. Activists did a brilliant job of explaining & promoting BDS. Attendees were from the local mosques, including one of the Imams, students from the local university, & activists like me. Thirty may sound like peanuts compared to the large metropolitan centers but all who attended expressed support for Palestinians & linked that struggle to that of immigrants & refugees here. We ended by making a video message to the local congressman who wants BDS & criticism of Israel made illegal. Thank you Ava Leal, a Native American who talked about their support for Palestinians; to Mariam El-Haj for a wonderful presentation on BDS; & to John-Michael Torres for inclusively presiding so that everyone could participate in some way.