Lady finds her family thanks to the goodness of strangers

Lady Apr 17 2017

My friend who rescues cats called this evening to ask if I would take in a Cocker Spaniel she found & asked me to meet her at a supermarket to get the dog. When I arrived, my friend & another woman–a stranger & also a dog lover–were trying to calm the very frightened little girl. My beloved mutts were in the car & their jealous barking sent the little Cocker running. We chased on foot across the parking lot, dodging cars along the way, but our flip flops were no match & she left us in the dust.

Stalking dogs by car is an art form for me now so I set off looking for her, driving in the middle lane with the emergency lights flashing. Looking like a fool, I might add. Soon I saw her skulking down a side street & set off in pursuit. She dodged me for about a mile but by now it was getting dark & she was walking down a road with oncoming traffic & no shoulder. She was a sitting duck to get hit so I was flailing my arms to traffic so they wouldn’t hit her.

Now here’s the beginning of the miracle part: a young man & woman driving by saw my predicament, pulled their car off the road ahead of us, & the man set back on foot to capture the dog. Another man joined in & the wife & I were a caravan of cars following them follow the dog. It was completely dark when they caught her & handed her triumphantly to me. There was no way to thank them. People who are so kind don’t require more than gratitude.

Now part two of the miracle: I phoned my cat rescue friend & my new rescue friend to tell them the dog was found. Becky, my new friend, told me she looked on FB lost & found dogs & found this photo of a dog named Lady that looked just like our Cocker. The family was looking for her & offering a $500 reward. She connected us & it turns out the family lives about three blocks from me though they lost her quite a distance away & I found her about three miles from here.

They left here moments ago. It was their Lady, no mistaking that. The older fellow was crying as he cuddled her & his family said he’d been crying all day. He’s a double amputee & spends most of his day with Lady by his side. They’re working people. There are no rich people in my neighborhood, believe me. I would have felt the fool taking $500 offered me by the man for chasing down his dog. There was more miracle here than anything & more kindness from strangers of the kind that makes your heart sing. I’ve been the recipient of far too much kindness in my life to not be grateful for a chance to pay it forward.

I’m thinking such miracles come from all the blessings I receive from Kashmir. Heart emoticon