Kashmiris protest visit of Modi to open Chenani-Nashri tunnel

Kashmir-protesting Modi at inaug of Chenani-Nashri tunnel (Danish Ismail:Reuters) Apr 3 2017

Srinagar: Kashmiris protesting Indian Prime Minister Modi in Kashmir to inaugurate the Chenani-Nashri tunnel, a toll road that will reduce travel time & distance between Jammu & Kashmir. The highway will be closed to most agricultural & fuel vehicles but what do you bet it’s got military written all over it?

The tunnel is supposed to be some kind of infrastructure marvel but was built by workers not paid even minimum wages, not paid for overtime, & without safety protections. So before we go all ooh & aah it would be necessary to know how many workers were injured or killed.


One of the placards here reads “We are already living in a dark tunnel.”
(Photo by Danish Ismail/Reuters)