Nationalist journalists making trouble in Kashmir

Imagine that during a so-called ceasefire for Ramzan, Indian troops shot up Jamia Mosque & injured at least 100 people. Not content with that carnage, this creep journalist tried to whip up hysteria against “fringe mobster stone pelters.” There’s a rule of thumb in media, long evidenced in reports about Palestinians, Kashmiris, & feminists & now in reports about Syrians, Rohingyas, & most Muslims fighting tyranny: if the tone is hysteric alarm, you can be certain it is propaganda. As Kashmiri journalist Gowhar Geelani says: “This is what saboteurs, provocateurs, rabid elements, bigots, communal thugs, agitational terrorists, miscreants, paid maskharas & preachers of hate indulge in with the sole aim to spread panic & to create disharmony in Kashmir.”