Jonathan Cook tanks again with his mansplaining gone wild

Jonathan Cook has amended, rather than retracted, his deplorable article to say he expected to be accused of mansplaining. Being a sophist along with being completely ignorant about but still opposed to feminism, he prefers we call it “richsplaining” so we don’t take offense when he suggests snidely that we don’t owe solidarity to rich & famous women who have been assaulted & raped.

Not content to leave bad enough alone, he goes on to say identity politics are “used like a bludgeon” that “just reinforces a tribal politics that neoliberalism can richly exploit as the modern equivalent of divide & rule.” So you see how it works in his disordered mind? When the oppressed organize to stop the assaults on their human & democratic rights, they are bludgeoning & acting tribal. How about we make an accusation of our own? When Cook demeans women who stand up against sexual assault, he is engaging in misogyny & he’s not the first to do so. Turkeys like him are a dime a dozen.

If identity politics are irrelevant & play into the hands of capitalist exploiters, can Cook explain the Rohingya genocide to us? Can he explain the countless attacks, persecutions, genocides against Muslims? The hundreds of thousands of Black & Latino kids in US prisons for smoking a joint? The extremes of violence & persecution against Dalits & other oppressed castes in India? The genocide against the Mayan people, involving mass rape of women & children? Can he explain a damn thing going on in this world where the identity of victims in war, occupation, & genocide are not relevant?
He needs to stop amending & defending his piece of rubbish article & get off his high horse. He would be better at writing “Memoirs of a Misogynist Know-Nothing”