Israeli snipers kill young Palestinian woman at Trump embassy massacre

Wesal El-Sheikh Khalil one of 63 killed by Israel May 14 (Palestine Info Center) May 22 2018
Wesal El-Sheikh Khalil was one of two females killed at the Great Return March on May 14th. The other was 8-month-old Laila Al-Ghandour. Wesal was shot by an Israeli sniper just after this photo was taken. The prevailing Zionist narrative about unarmed protesters coerced & bullied by Hamas to charge the apartheid barrier breaks down in the face of overwhelming video & photographic evidence. The Palestine Info Center tweeted: “Murdered by Israel for being a girl, for being a child, for being Palestinian, for demanding her rights.” May she Rest In Peace.

(Photo by unidentified photographer, posted by several Palestinian sources, including Palestine Info Center)