Is “ignoble” the best Pope Francis can do to condemn massacre of civilians?

Bus of suicide bomber

Got a problem with Pope Francis calling the suicide bombing near Aleppo “ignoble.” I’ve heard stronger condemnations of nose-picking in public.

As I’ve pointed out before, Pope Francis is a case study in the politics of ambiguity. About Syria, he speaks in passionate abstractions, takes no sides, makes no condemnations.

But perhaps Pope Francis isn’t so equivocal after all. In October 2016 he made Mario Zenari, an archbishop & the papal envoy to Syria, a new cardinal which makes him eligible to be pope. Zenari is an unapologetic supporter of Assad & the counter-revolution.

This is one of the bombed out busses near Aleppo which was filled with children & women. Would you call this act “ignoble” or would your range of epithets go beyond the wimpy?