International Children’s Day 2017 & the Rohingya genocide

Little Ro boy in Bangladesh camp Nov 17 2017

November 20th is designated International Children’s Day by the UN. To make it more than ceremonial & hollow–or God forbid, merely sentimental–we need to recommit ourselves to active solidarity with children against inequality, war, occupation, genocide. Under the barbaric phase of capitalism children are a threat to tyranny. They are not just inspiration for rebellion against oppression but themselves rebels. They become primary targets of the oppressors with the hope that by demoralizing or destroying children’s spirit of rebellion, they can end resistance to tyranny.

The only original sin is teaching children to bend the knee to oppression & unjust authority. The closer adults remain to the spirit of children & their demand for freedom, the more likely we are to make this world suitable for all children to come of age in & for all human beings to live & love in.

“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf & the lion & the yearling together; & a little child will lead them.”

(The photo is a crying Rohingya child in a refugee camp. Not what this little guy deserves from life.)