Indian hunt & kill operations increase in Shopian district, Kashmir

Shopian assault May 2017

According to one Indian media source, there is an increase in counter-insurgency operations, most aptly called hunt to kill operations, in Kashmir where the army ostensibly cordons an area in search of militants hiding in the district. The army has been in a furor over the opposition of residents who pour out of their homes, even in the middle of the night, to defend their sons against execution.

There was a particularly brutal operation on Wednesday morning when Indian forces moved into the Shopian district. Apparently it was intended partially to harass the families of known militants but such operations are primarily intended to terrorize & intimidate as a means of social control. Residents claimed the troops were on a rampage ransacking & vandalizing property, entering homes & assaulting residents, including women & young girls.

What’s disturbing the army is the increased resistance of residents to operations intended to terrorize. As soon as the hunt to kill operation began, residents, including women & seniors, came out of their homes to protest the vandalism & assaults & protect the youth being hunted. The army of course responded with tear gas, stun grenades, & pellet guns. Thirty people were injured, mostly with pellets, & had to be taken to different hospitals.

The claim that these operations are to find militants is exposed as pretext since the army routinely shoots at unarmed protesters & even funeral corteges.

This is a photo of Indian forces entering a town in one of their operations. Their very presence is a provocation.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.