“I Protest” the occupation of Kashmir


“I Protest” by MC Kash in tribute & solidarity with the tens of thousands of students across Kashmir protesting today against the violent Indian occupation.

Just in the past few days they have witnessed each other being used as human shields, shot at with pellet guns & live ammo, beaten, executed just walking down the road, & had their schoolyards invaded by soldiers.

They stood alone & defiant for 28 years of such criminality. But their relentless activism on social media is rousing the forces of international solidarity. Do not let them stand alone any longer.

Their struggle against colonialism is historic, monumental; their victory against occupation & colonialism would change the balance of power in the world to the advantage of the oppressed.
In the midst of occupation, they have stood with the oppressed around the world –with Gaza, Aleppo, the Rohingya, & many others.

We stand with them. Our deepest respect & solidarity for the freedom fighters of Kashmir who refuse to back down. They are the teachers & leaders in how to make this world suitable for human beings to live & love in.