How have former FBI & CIA agents assumed leadership of US antiwar forces?

Wonder how former FBI & CIA agents who opposed only the Iraq War are now considered “antiwar” authorities when they support Assad’s dictatorship & Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians?

Shouldn’t those who were professional spies most of their lives remain silent & try to learn rather than lead the movement? There are no shortcuts to understanding the complexities of war or of movement building.

Their libertarian politics are entirely understandable. Like the stable of libertarian writers at Global Research who mocked the Arab Spring as orchestrated by the CIA & Mossad, these former spies don’t believe working people have the capacity to change the world.

Millions of Arabs standing against dictatorship & militarism meant nothing to them & it appears only fed their suspicions about humanity.

(PS: there is a personal irony in all this. The FBI agent who falsely flagged my criminal record for using a weapon of mass destruction is now quoting a Stalinist journal in defense of dictatorship & bombing in Syria.)