Henry Cuellar, the Democratic political bozo, on deportation of children refugees


Henry Cuellar, a Democratic Party congressman from this area, issued a statement today against Trump’s executive order to finish constructing the border wall. The guy’s a real forward thinker & a schmuck. He thinks Trump should skip the steel reinforced concrete wall & go with drones, aerostats, video surveillance systems, ground sensors, & more border patron agents.

This is the same schnook who proposed legislation a couple years ago for quick deportation of the thousands of unaccompanied kids crossing the border here, claiming they were associated with drug trafficking & prostitution.

It made my blood boil so when he held a press conference here to promote the legislation, along with John Cornyn, the Republican co-sponsor, I attended posing as a reporter. They were actually refusing entry to those who looked Latino, many who had come to protest. They must have figured the gray-haired white lady was a Republican because they let me whiz by without asking for a press pass.

I wanted to stomp on their pea brains & their smug farty faces but contented myself with telling them off for such loathsome imputations against children refugees.