Happy New Year 2018

New Year 2018

2017 only seems like the worst year ever in human history because we’ve forgotten how awful 2016 was. The passage of time hasn’t gone well for a while for millions of human beings. But we will make 2018 a renewal of our commitment to human solidarity with all those struggling against war, occupation, genocide, inequality. In that regard, social media has made our mission possible in a way it wasn’t just a decade ago. We’ve made social media our meeting grounds where we can get to know, respect, collaborate, & even love one another. Which is why governments are monitoring & censoring us. They can’t let that happen & we can’t let them take it away from us. This is a year for taking on that censorship stuff head-on.

Thank you to all my FB friends for teaching, inspiring, making me laugh. We can change the world to make it worthy of our children & overcome the inequalities that make life a hell for so many if we stand together. Happy new year.