Halfwit denounces burkini; calls for women to renounce fabric

Even in revenge, I can’t bring myself to reveal the name of the halfwit who posted this in a discussion about the burkini:

“We should express outrage at any religion whose primitive & delusional beliefs require that women be denigrated & oppressed. Wrapping women in fabric is a profound evil. This isn’t really a police matter, but we should condemn the wrapping of women in fabric at every opportunity.”

Fabric stores & clothing retailers will be laid waste by the condemnation. But does divesting of all fabrics & going naked prevail for men too? And in 20 below zero temperatures? Can people at the Arctic get a dispensation? Will the Pope agree? Will Christian nuns have to go cloistered? For that matter, will seniors & the modest have to join a convent. Does it include curtains & bedding?

When does your desire to see naked women conflict with our desire to tell you to screw? Can’t you just keep watching your porn & leave the rest of us alone?