Grieving civilian deaths from bombing while Assadists do requiems for old airport hangars

Trusting you know that when we ridicule the US bombing of empty airport hangars in Syria it isn’t because we don’t consider US bombing in other countries an outrageous crime & act of aggression–even this bombing which has something of a dog & pony political character.

The object of our ridicule is the psychotic politics of Assadists who are in a furor about damage to old airport hangars but are vociferously denying Syrian gassing at Khan Sheikhoun claiming it’s an attempt to vilify Assad–just as they have steadfastly denied all Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians.

Not many decades ago, when neutron bombs were added to the US arsenal, they were denounced for their alleged ability to kill all human & animal life but leave buildings intact. Libertarian Assadists are reversing that equation from outrage to admiration.