Going over to the dark side to support Assad dictatorship

It’s one thing that so many journalists went over to the dark side about Syria. They seem to have a peculiar obsession with head-chopping or maybe they got lost in distinctions between journalism & propaganda or thought the latter provided a more lucrative career. They’ll end up writing hack for Global Research, Mint Press, & Sputnik News. Inglorious but penny-ante.

It’s quite another when progressive & antiwar forces get lost in all that stuff & use discredited journalists writing for Global Research & Russian media for political direction about Syria. Worse than inglorious. It may not rise to the level of tragic since many have been politically lost for a long time. But it is surely a historic betrayal of antiwar principles to support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians to defend “Syrian national sovereignty” against a popular revolution to end dictatorship. That would be more criminal than tragic. It means a new antiwar movement must be built on the old principles.