Go ahead! Make my day!

Can’t tell you how often some throwback to another era decides to smart out on my Facebook wall–almost invariably combining a smart-mouth & contempt for women’s intelligence with political ignorance. Mine is the generation that knows full well how it feels to be talked down to like we’re all halfwits; mine is the generation that put on combat boots (in the metaphorical sense) & set out to end that crap.

We did a good job despite the backlash. More women learn early in life not to take any guff & they learn to dish it out. But our mission is not yet accomplished. When you meet these lowbrow minds on social media, sometimes you feel pity for them cause you know if they don’t back off you & other women will make chopped liver out of them. No one wants to reduce a grown man to public weeping. But if you force us to, we must admit to secretly savoring the moment. Senior women can be the most ruthless because we don’t give a damn about your conceits.

You don’t have to agree on everything we say but you do have to disagree like you’re talking to fully-formed adults & not halfwits. I don’t really know women who aren’t kind but most I know are entirely capable of running a smart-mouthed punk around the block. For his own good of course. And for the betterment of humankind.