Funeral of Aaquib Gul in Kashmir after execution by Indian soldiers

Funeral of Aaquib Gul (Reuters Danish Ismail) July 12 2017

This young girl is one of thousands of mourners who attended the funeral today of Aaquib Gul, a militant killed along with two other young men in a hunt to kill operation by Indian soldiers in the Budgam District of Srinagar. Indian media reports that it turned into an all-night gun battle when the soldiers were fired on by the militants. Maybe they were fired on; more likely they weren’t. Military officials said “some weapons & ammunition were recovered from the spot.” Enough for three men to keep up an all-night battle with a cordon of troops or just a couple pistols?

Mourners at the funeral shouted freedom slogans & Indian paramilitary troops responded with tear gas. Where are the condemnations for such violence, including against funeral mourners? Do we hear the sound the silence?

Aaquib Gul was buried today in his ancestral home. Javaid Ahmad Sheikh & Sajid Ahmad Gilkar were also buried. May the three young men Rest In Peace.

(Photo by Danish Ismail/Reuters)