Facebook censoring freedom fighters on behalf of terrorist Indian government

In a public statement explaining their censoring of posts about Kashmir, FB said “‚ÄúThere is no place on Facebook for content that praises or supports terrorists, terrorists organisations or terrorism. We welcome discussion on these subjects but any terrorist content has to be clearly put in context which condemns these organisations & or their violent activities.”

We who were censored & locked out could not agree more. Let us make clear in a Greek chorus of condemnations that we oppose terrorism in every one of its aspects. That’s exactly why we denounce the Indian occupation of Kashmir which involves indiscriminate shooting of unarmed protesters, pellet munitions which disable & blind hundreds, including children, mass disappearances, mass graves, mass rapes, torture, summary executions.

In this monstrous terrorist siege now going into its fourth week, it appears the Indian army is targeting children in Kashmir as Israeli bombers did in Gaza 2014 to disable & demoralize young people & incapacitate the future of their freedom struggle.

In keeping with FB’s policy opposing terrorism or any glorification of it, we would like to know why in the hell we who are speaking out against such monstrous terrorism are being censored & not the rabid nationalists spewing social hatred against Kashmiris & support for Indian terrorism.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.