Everybody’s hating on the liberals. Who are they again?

Everybody, from the far left to the far right–Assadists & libertarians, socialists & social democrats, Trump, Putin, & even Duterte supporters–are having a field day going after the liberals. In an era of alt-rights, alt-lefts, neocons, neo-liberals, & undefined other amalgams, who knows what the hell a liberal is? Is a liberal Maxine Waters? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? Noam Chomsky? Tariq Ali? John Pilger? Patrick Cockburn?

Or are the liberals those who marched against the Muslim ban, those who oppose Russia & Syrian bombing of civilians, not just US bombing (& vice versa), the ones who have always made up most of the social movements, who bankroll those movements & are out trying to make the world a better place?

Next time you attack the liberals with your hatchet could you take a moment to identify by name who it is we’re supposed to hate? No sense in wasting a precious commodity in such short supply. We all know there is never enough hate to go around in the world. The confusion is that liberal is starting to take on the perplexities of that Wahhabi/Salafi jihadi thing where nobody knows nothing except we’re supposed to hate them. Hating on cue is just so yesterday.