Daisy has a forever home

Daisy Jan 2017

On a stormy day in 2014, cars ahead of me were swerving to avoid a little black bundle scurrying on the shoulder of the road. Doing what rescuers do, I pulled off the road & waited for the bundle who came running right up to me covered in fleas & ticks.

She had no microchip or identifier so I posted in several places & went door to door in a swanky neighborhood to find her caretaker with no luck.

She became my Daisy who loves to be loved & needs much more lap time than I can give her with several other dogs. Many take to her immediately but she needs caretakers who don’t work & won’t leave her alone for extended periods, who will dote on her. She’s a wannabe diva. There was one elderly Canadian couple interested but he was a racist & a bold, nasty one. Sweet Daisy couldn’t be entrusted to a hater.

Daisy found a forever home today with a retired but fairly young woman who fell in love with her. She’s been looking for a little one just like our girl & has grandchildren who she thinks will also love her up.

She takes a part of my heart with her but she was meant to be an adored & only child, spoiled rotten. And for that I am very very grateful.