Campaign to introduce anti-caste politics to Americans

A friend & Indian anti-caste activist would like to introduce the reality of Indian politics (caste-communalism) to political groups in the US. This is a long-overdue political imperative. Other than the speaking tour of Dalit women activists in 2015, I don’t recall a single forum, panel, debate, even an article, or a rally educating about the monumental issue of caste in India & South Asia. Maybe there have been smaller events on some campuses but none in my memory.

This would be absolutely shocking if Americans weren’t also fairly ignorant about the history of Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans in this country. With the attacks on public education, that is not going to improve & yet understanding racism, discrimination, inequality, persecution–especially as violent as that against oppressed castes–is one of the most important matters in politics. There can be no social change without grasping their importance & championing the demands of the oppressed.

So it is up to activists to find a way to make that education possible. It is not just a matter of solidarity in the struggle to end caste but of educating ourselves about the importance racism plays in society & broadening the struggle to end that scourge of humanity.

Does anyone have suggestions for people to contact, including academics, activists, campus groups, community organizations, church groups? A good place to begin is with contacting those who organized the tour of Dalit women. Anyone recall who they were? Put on your thinking caps & make answering my friend’s question a mission.