Bhopal medical appeal

Bhopal medical appeal Aug  7 2017

Neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism, is kicking the crap out of human society: millions of refugees with no place to go, war orphans, mass starvation, industrial carnage.

There are so many worthy, urgent causes to address some of the suffering but I would like to highlight this fund appeal since the people of Bhopal have fought titanic battles for 33 years to win justice & it now appears they may have exhausted at least their legal options. That’s how vulturous modern corporations like Dow Chemical are. Activists have left no stone unturned & may be considering more political campaigns to extract justice.

If you peruse this website, you will find an article on the particular horrors that the Bhopal gas explosion has caused second & third generations of children–unspeakable harm & suffering. If you have any extra dough you may want to consider a one-time or regular contribution for their medical care.