Bangladesh’s prime minister Sheikh Hasina finds Rohingya genocide “unacceptable”

Sheikh Hasina with Rohingya boy Oct 21 2017

When pressed by an interviewer from France 24, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina refused to characterize the human rights crimes in Burma as ethnic cleansing or genocide but simply repeated that the atrocities were “unacceptable.” There are stronger condemnations for children farting or picking their noses at the dinner table.

The reason she’s watering down the scale of criminality against the Rohingya people is to avoid public outrage (certainly not UN or governmental censure) over their forcible repatriation. She said Bangladesh has received guarantees from Burma for the safety & security of Rohingya refugees on their forcible return. There are over one million Rohingya refugees just in Bangladesh from successive waves of genocide so Sheikh Hasina knows exactly what is going on in Arakan state. Rohingya refugees have been quoted as saying they would rather die than return to Burma & it is what they say that counts. The fate of Rohingya refugees is for them to decide.

Photo is Sheikh Hasina doing her humanitarian schtick with a Rohingya child she will try to forcibly return to a concentration camp in Burma & to another genocidal offensive.