Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina plays humanitarian whilst trying to deport Rohingya refugees

Sheikh Hasina with Rohingya boy Oct 21 2017

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina doing her humanitarian schtick. Notice she poses with little Rohingya kids & not the adults who would ask about her plan to deport thousands of them to an uninhabitable island under water most of the year, about her attempts to deport them back to genocide in Arakan state without consulting with them, & about all the other sleazy tricks she’s trying to pull on refugees.

Is Bangladesh overwhelmed by 582,000 new Rohingya refugees? Of course. But the right thing to do is mobilize every resource of the Bangladeshi government to assist refugees, to include Rohingya refugees directly in all decisions made about their future, to demand other governments provide immediate emergency humanitarian aid, & demand other governments provide asylum with safe transportation & full human & refugee rights to the Rohingya. This maternal posturing using little kids as props is beyond shameful & not the least convincing.