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First World Indigenous Games in Brazil: whitewashing genocide of Indigenous Brazilian tribes?

Women log carriers at Indigenous games (Ueslei Marcelino:Reuters) Nov 3 2015

World Indigenous Games (Eraldo Peres:AP) Nov 3 2015

The first World Indigenous Games, modeled on the Olympics, were held in Palmas, Brazil from October 23rd to November 1st. Over 2,000 Indigenous athletes from between 20 to 30 countries participated, including several countries in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Mongolia. From Brazil alone, 24 different Indigenous tribes participated.

The events included western-style games like soccer & traditional games like log carrying. Some of the games were competitive; others simply showcased athletic prowess. There was even the regrettable introduction of a western-style beauty pageant for women–in the west reflecting urban longing for a livestock show apparently not satisfied by once-a-year state fair exhibitions.

Since the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, several stadia stand empty, growing weeds until the 2016 Olympic games. The World Indigenous Games weren’t held in any of those venues even though the games were a joint effort of the Brazilian Ministry of Sport, Marcos Terena’s Intertribal Council (ITC), & the city of Palmas.

Not all Indigenous peoples in Brazil treated the event like a celebration of Indigenous culture since the past several years have seen unprecedented violations by the Brazilian government of Indigenous land rights, massive dispossessions for agribusiness & mining, murder of hundreds of activists, military occupations to enforce neoliberal policies.

Indigenous activists from several ethnic groups in Brazil protested at the opening ceremony with signs saying “Stop the Genocide,” & “Demarcation of Indigenous lands now!” Those activists believe the Brazilian government is using the World Indigenous Games to whitewash its genocide against Indigenous peoples. Though on the surface, the athletic prowess of especially the women is impressive, quite frankly, they make a very strong case for a whitewash.

(Photo on top is women log carriers by Ueslei Marcelino; photo on bottom is protesters by Eraldo Peres/AP)

Bernard-Henri Lévy & Phyllis Chesler: lowbrow haters with pretensions of intellectual grandeur


BHL & Chesler

Few people inspire so much loathing as Bernard-Henri Lévy & Phyllis Chesler–haters of Islam & among the most vituperative defenders of Israeli apartheid. Lévy, who positively stinks of elitism & misogyny, defended Dominique Strauss-Kahn against charges he raped a NYC hotel maid in 2011. In a colossal misjudgment of US courts, he ranted against the US legal system that would treat DSK just like “any other person.” In the inscrutable parlance of his “new philosophy,” he said “Everybody is not everybody.” You tell ’em Bernie!

Chesler is a well-known feminist who once wrote unreadable books about women’s psychology & now writes volume after volume of hateful screeds against Palestinians & Islam. In hatred, she has proven indefatigable. She recently wrote a piece calling Palestinian supporters & BDS activists “brownshirts.” Her schtick is to align feminists with Israeli apartheid.

Where the fop & the feminist-gone-sour find affinity is in the depths of their social hatred, in Islamophobia, in commitment to ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. When they open their mouths, you can’t tell them apart.

(Photos are the sour pusses of BHL & Chesler trying to look like profound thinkers rather than halfwit haters)

Photojournalism worth a thousand Israeli lies

Pal protesters near Ramallah (Mohamad Torokman) Nov 3 2015

Photojournalism completely belies the media narrative of a Palestinian “stabbing Intifada,” as it was dubbed by Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French guy who tries to give Israeli apartheid & Islamophobia a human face. He calls himself a “nouveau philosophe” but he’s just a washed-up apologist for social hatred dressed up like a bon vivant. Israel would be wise to dump him.

While media repeats Israeli propaganda that Palestinians are on a stabbing rampage, photos show Palestinian protesters either unarmed or armed only with slingshots & rocks. Some photos show unarmed protesters returning tear gas canisters or running from Israeli soldiers firing live ammo with assault weapons.

There are many photos of Palestinians shot dead after allegedly attempting to stab a soldier. Since October 1st, 65 Palestinians, including 14 children, have been shot & killed. Most of these fatalities were in the occupied West Bank, not Jerusalem as media claims, nor in occupied East Jerusalem which is on lockdown & under martial law. Some eyewitnesses have testified they saw soldiers drop knives near the bodies of those Palestinians who were shot. That’s exactly why Amnesty International is condemning Israel for summary executions of protesters.

Palestinians are reporting that Israeli soldiers are obstructing Palestinian ambulances & attacking ambulance medics–& there is in fact video documentation of that. So it’s curious (or isn’t it?) that there are photos of Israeli ambulances evacuating Palestinians who were shot. Is this to give ethnic cleansing & extrajudicial executions a human face?

This is another photo worth a thousand lies. Palestinian protesters near Ramallah, West Bank, are demanding Israel return the bodies of those shot dead–a right embodied in several international laws. They face off against Israeli tanks, bulldozers, tear gas, AK-47s & Uzis armed only with rocks & a dumpster.

Continue public protests demanding Israel stop the violence & end the occupation & continue to build the hell out of BDS (barcode beginning 729)

(Photo by Mohamad Torokman/Reuters)

The barbaric siege of Yemen to destroy 2011 uprising against tyranny

Yemen food warehouse 10:25 (Khaled Abdullah:Reuters) Nov 1 2015

The Saudi-led, US-backed carpet bombing of Yemen receives no coverage in US media while the bombing is taking out everything that stands including homes, government buildings, hospitals & clinics, & this food storage warehouse. The bombing has gone on nonstop since March. Thousands have been bombed to death, thousands injured, nearly two million displaced & made homeless.

This barbaric siege isn’t about Houthi & al-Qaeda fighters; it’s about bombing the Yemen uprising in 2011 to smithereens–& it is intended as a warning to peoples everywhere that this is what’s in store for them if they attempt a revolution against tyranny. Yemen has become a wasteland of rubble, a killing field like Gaza & Syria.

If there is to be change in this world, the international antiwar movement must be rebuilt. Men & women of good will cannot allow the regimes with bombs to take out this planet when people rise up against outrageous injustices.

Solidarity is not a sentiment but it is action. Our deepest regrets to the people of Yemen (Iraq, Afghanistan, & elsewhere) that we have not yet been able to assemble the power of solidarity against such barbarism. It is the historic task of our era.

(Photo by Khaled Abdullah/Reuters)

Mahmoud Abbas the betrayer of Palestinian justice

Netanyahu & Abbas (Kobi Gideon:Flash90) Oct 31 2015

By whose authority does Mahmoud Abbas speak? He calls himself president of the State of Palestine but there is no such state. He was elected head of the Palestinian National Authority, formed out of the Oslo Accords to preside over the surrender of Palestinians. But his term in that treacherous capacity ended in January 2009. So who the hell is he talking for if not the most conservative forces in Palestinian society? Surely he doesn’t represent those involved in Intifada on the front lines of struggle against Israeli occupation.

He’s in the Netherlands right now when he should be in the West Bank screaming bloody murder about the Israeli pogrom against unarmed Palestinians. And who’s he talking to in Holland? Members of the main Dutch pro-Israel organization (Center for Information & Documentation on Israel).

He assured them the Oslo Accords would not be canceled even though they have demonstrated in Palestinian blood what Edward Said & others said about them when they were signed: they are the terms of Palestinian surrender. He added they would not be canceled as long as “Israel respects its obligations.” Israel has no obligations under the accords which they have ever honored. He’s simply talking through his ass again.

But Abbas the betrayer went on, saying the Palestinian Authority (PA) “never asked anyone to boycott Israel,” but only products produced in the West Bank settlements. No the PA didn’t ask for a boycott but 174 Palestinian organizations did ask for a boycott of Israel–economically, culturally, & academically–& nothing has proven more effective in exposing Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing. So Abbas & the PA have some explaining to do about who they represent.

Not content with those treacheries, Abbas continued: “I am not asking for a right of return for six million Palestinians; I want a solution for them.” Can Abbas the betrayer explain what other possible solution exists for six million people living in refugee camps? And why he thinks for one moment that he has the right to piss away their rights?

Support Palestinian Intifada & build BDS, the economic, cultural, & academic boycott of Israel. Demand Israel end the pogrom & end the occupation. Leave Abbas to be shamed & left behind by Palestinian Intifada.

(Photo of Netanyahu & Abbas the betrayer by Kobi Gideon/Flash90)

Helen Mirren opposes BDS, the economic, cultural, & academic boycott against apartheid Israel

Helen Mirren & Ronald Lauder (Shahar Azran) Oct 31 2015

Helen Mirren loves Israel–despite apartheid, carpet bombing of Gaza, & extra judicial executions of protesters. Thus she detests BDS, the boycott of Israel. When interviewed before receiving her achievement award from the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Mirren said she agreed with British Zionist figures, including JK Rowling, who signed an open letter last week opposing the cultural boycott of Israel & calling for cultural engagement “as a way to promote peace between Israel & the Palestinians.” Mirren said that quite earnestly whilst Israel is engaged in a violent pogrom against Palestinians.

Our medieval dame said: “The people who are the most inspiring in Israel tend to be from the cultural community. The writers, the directors, the poets, the musicians, they are truly extraordinary people doing amazing work, peace giving work, working towards peace all the time. To cut them off is the craziest idea, I don’t agree with it at all.”

Well then, at least she isn’t inspired by the Israeli army of occupation but only by those who write odes to them or don’t publicly oppose them. But one wonders what Mirren makes of Amnesty International’s condemnations of Israel for extrajudicial executions of Palestinian teens? Does that mean she will no longer campaign for Amnesty?

This photo of Mirren with Ronald S. Lauder, the head of the World Jewish Congress, at another occasion than the film festival, suggests our dame has strong, long associations with Zionism. So now we’ve got her number.

(Photo by Shahar Azran)

Palestinian rocks against Israeli AK-47s: what Israel calls “a stabbing Intifada”

Femalr Pal stone-throwers (Ammar Awad:Reuters) Oct 31 2015

For the second time this month Amnesty International condemned Israel for a “clear pattern” of extrajudicial executions of Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem & West Bank. Since October 1st up till yesterday, 64 Palestinians (mainly teens) have been shot dead by Israelis while eleven Israelis have allegedly (& questionably) been killed in “stabbings & shootings” by Palestinians. To explain the glaring disparity in fatalities, Israel reports that 37 of the Palestinians shot dead were “assailants armed mainly with knives” but hasn’t provided a shred of forensic evidence & buries the bodies in secret.

Meanwhile media headlines continue to blare “Knife-wielding Palestinians strike in West Bank & Jerusalem.” Photographic & readily available video evidence strongly belie the assertions & testify instead to an Israeli pogrom against Palestinians, including extrajudicial executions as a means to terrorize unarmed Palestinians.

These young Palestinian activists are culling through their arsenal of rocks to use against one of the best-armed military arsenals in the world. The lying-assed media caption to the photo said “a month-long spate of stabbing attacks showed no signs of abating.”

In this day & age, it’s not possible to shut down the truth of Israeli ethnic cleansing but that doesn’t stop media from trying. To explain the cacophony between images of Israeli pogrom & headlines about Palestinian knifers, the public movement in solidarity with Palestinians must continue. There are men & women of good will around the globe who want to know the truth, who want to stand with justice.

Build BDS (barcode beginning 729) & do not be daunted by the escalation of Israeli hysteria. They bellow loudest who have no defenses left. It’s the death rattle of tyranny.

(Photo by Ammar Awad/Reuters)

Obama sends special forces to Syria

Using his Nobel Peace Prize face rather than his toothy grin face, Obama authorized sending 50 US special forces (psycho killers) to Syria to “advise & assist the Syrian opposition” in its fight against ISIS. No indication of how many mercenaries will be sent.

The US is on a slippery slope heading straight to another war. And it isn’t even yet sure who the “enemy combatants” will be. Or at least, we aren’t

Build the international antiwar movement. No US wars!

Helen Mirren the Zionist

Helen Mirren

Some people will do anything to grab an honorific but actress Helen Mirren waxed genuinely enthusiastic about Israel when she was feted with a career achievement award at the 29th Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

In her effusive speech declaring love for Israel, she said she worked on a kibbutz after the 1967 war & attributed her acting success partially to Israeli influences. She praised the developing Israeli film industry so perhaps she figures she can get work there when Hollywood has cast her aside as too old. Or she’ll be good in propaganda films making apartheid & ethnic cleansing look stylish.

Shame on Helen Mirren. She has access to the same sources of information as the rest of us & has to answer for her support to apartheid & ethnic cleansing.

(Photo from Mirren’s appearance at Israel Film Festival)

Pope Francis the Zionist

Pope Francs & Zionists at Vatican (from Times of Israel) Oct 30 2015

When Pope Francis speaks on Catholic faith & morals, no one would utter a peep of criticism. His comments would be respected as part of religious freedom, even with all the monarchical trappings of the Vatican. But when he enters the political arena, he is no longer speaking ex-cathedra as the Catholic pope & he has to face the music of his politics just like everyone else–especially since his views on several political questions are less than infallible.

October 28th was the 50th anniversary of “Nostra Aetate,” or “In Our Time,” a 1965 declaration on the relation of Catholicism with non-Christian religions. The document was intended to change the rancid intolerance of the Vatican toward Jews, Muslims, Hindus, & Buddhists–an intolerance that led the Vatican to shameful collusion with Nazis during WWII under Pope Pius XII.

Pope Francis dedicated his general audience on Wednesday to touting “In Our Time” & invited representatives from non-Christian religions as honored guests. A large contingent was present from the World Jewish Congress (WJC) who had called their annual conference in Rome to coincide with the anniversary of the declaration. The WJC, headed by Ronald Lauder, is one of the most powerful Zionist groups in the world.

The Vatican’s hateful relations with other religions needed to be changed so commemorating a shift from blaming Jews for the death of Jesus–which for centuries fed hatred & persecution of Jews–to ecumenism is entirely laudatory. But Pope Francis didn’t leave it at that. His homily not only condemned anti-Semitism but he claimed attacks on Israel’s right to exist are a form of it: “To attack Jews is anti-Semitism, but an outright attack on the State of Israel is also anti-Semitism. There may be political disagreements between governments & on political issues, but the State of Israel has every right to exist in safety & prosperity.”

What he didn’t address in his homily was the right of Palestinians to exist in safety & prosperity. And he didn’t utter a peep opposing Israel’s current pogrom against them. He did however lament the rise of terrorism & fundamentalism. Now whose terrorism do you think he might be talking about? Israel’s against unarmed Palestinians? Or was he referring in veiled language to the “stabbing Intifada” alleged by apologists for Israel’s pogrom?

WJC president Ronald Lauder praised the pope for his comments about anti-Semitism. Of course he did! It was a propaganda coup to have the pope equate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism. He said Francis “inspires people with his warmth & his compassion. His clear & unequivocal support for the Jewish people is critical to us.” Of course it is–although not everyone is inspired by his lack of compassion for Palestinians. That’s why the pope said it–to align the Vatican with apartheid Israel against the Palestinians. Unfortunately just like Pius XII did with fascism against Jews.

The pope can sing that humble pie stuff till the cows come home but if he turns his back on Palestinian justice in a Bernie Sanders-style political maneuver, we have every right to excoriate him.

Photo is WJC president Lauder (on left) with Pope Francis & other WJC officials at Vatican on Oct 28th, 2015.

(Photo from WJC)