Assadists who played dead when Assad gassed civilians up in arms over US bombing of empty airbase

It’s a question about how to relate to these “hands off Syria” protests called by Assadist forces because most the speakers will be anti-US bombing but pro-Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. Apologetics & denials about Khan Sheikhoun will be the order of the day from speaker after speaker. Participants will come waving Syrian flags & haloed images of Assad & Putin.

In some places, it may be dangerous to show up with placards denouncing Syrian, Russian, & US bombing. That would be seen as provocation. It wouldn’t be a crowd open to persuasion if their posts on social media are any gauge.

Ironically enough, anti-Assad protests often include support for US bombing. It’s a hell of a mess.

People have to make up their own minds about whether to attend or not with the rule-of-thumb not to go alone & not to invite trouble. People have a right to stand with fascism & Assadism. We have a duty to build a principled antiwar movement opposing all military intervention in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, & elsewhere.