Assadists on the white supremacist attack in Charlottesville

Fields (2)

There is no reliable evidence yet that 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. who drove his car into counter-protesters (killing Heather Heyer & injuring nine others) was a supporter of Assad’s dictatorship. A photo of Assad is circulating that some claim comes from his FB wall but his wall is not public & his photos cannot be viewed. It’s likely, if not certain, that he does support Assad since we know he admired Hitler & because Syria is a cause célèbre of the fascist right internationally–but the evidence is not verifiable.

We do know that KKK fascist David Duke who was a leader at the Charlottesville rampage is an ardent, tireless supporter of Assad & there are videos of other rabid Assad supporters at the rally expressing enthusiasm for Syrian barrel bombs.

Beeley & Bartlett are too engaged in attacking the White Helmets to weigh in on what their fascist allies in the US are engaged in. However, both of them have often posted praise for European fascist groups & individuals. They probably aren’t unaware of how damning such political association is but rely on their followers lack of investigative integrity. Syrian Girl thinks the protesters attacked the car & not that Fields drove it into them; other Assadists claim the counter-protest was a leftist provocation. Rania Khalek is embedded in the trendy bars of Damascus doing war reporting & Max Blumenthal is campaigning against the fake news of Russiagate so neither has weighed in. Assadists Jay Tharappel & Navid Nasr are talking at two-forty velocity to distance themselves from fascism but they have never once criticized David Duke or other fascist individuals & groups for their pilgrimages to Syria offering fealty to Assad because that is the political heart of Assadism internationally.

It’s not too late for those who supported Assad out of naiveté to retreat from their march with the fascist camp. The ideas of libertarian rednecks can be confusing but those who want to stand against fascism anywhere in the world cannot stand with the Assad dictatorship & counter-revolution in Syria.

(Photo is mug shot of James Alex Fields, Jr.)