Assadist talk through their asses to deny Assad gassing of civilians

In response to the Syrian chemical attack on Idlib today, Tim Anderson, the creepy professor from Australia who is a proud Assadist, did one of his demented memes claiming al-Qaeda once again killed children & blamed it on Assad. Bartlett & Beeley & the coterie of chumps that trail them first claimed a false flag operation but are now circulating reports that revolutionary forces against Assad used chemical weapons on themselves.

Assad’s handlers for these propagandists might consider vetting less for servility & commitment to fighting reptilian Illuminati & more for the ability to invent good lies. That fake news/false flag crap is wearing thin & if you don’t tell them what to think they start drooling all over themselves.

The Syrian air force at first denied involvement but the Russian Defense Ministry chimed in with a version that the Syrian air force bombed an ammunition warehouse where rebel militias produced & stored chemical weapons “before being delivered to Iraq.” Maybe when they finish inventing the story they can explain why rebels were delivering chemical weapons to Iraq.

With all of these propagandists, there is complete amorality, utter debasement before Assad’s dictatorship, the willingness to believe & say anything to get a paycheck. That’ll get you a lot of likes on social media these days; history will likely be ruthless.