Are stone pelters in Kashmir hooligans or freedom fighters?

The Kashmir crime bureau reported last March that in 2016 there were 2,690 stone pelting incidents. Wouldn’t you like to know how they calculate that? Do they actually pay wages for functionaries to go through hours of surveillance tapes & count the number of rocks thrown?

They didn’t specify how many of the stone pelters were arrested but it could be the 516 arrested in 2016 for “assault on public servants” because we know hundreds are arrested.

Two “chronic stone pelters” were arrested last Saturday in the Budgam district based on video surveillance: Tahir Nasrullah was picked up outside his college. He was carrying a mask, school uniform, & mobile phone in his back pack. How incriminating can it get!? Samir Bhat was also arrested. They nailed him dead to rights with a Pakistani flag in his back back. But is carrying a flag a misdemeanor or felony under Indian law?

It’s important to answer the question about the political role stone pelters play in the Kashmiri struggle. Are they just out-of-control hooligans or do they positively influence the course of events & the struggle against occupation? That is the subject of an upcoming article I am writing for Kashmir Mirage.

This extraordinary video shows the fearless spirit of the stone pelters who are obstructing the occupation & are now the focus of vilification in the same way as White Helmet rescue workers in Syria.