anti-Trump march in McAllen brought out the Assadists. And the anti-Assadists.

Libertarian leftists (same as libertarian rightists) are ridiculing the anti-Trump protests yesterday. They’re Trumpists at heart. Also Assadists, Putinists, & just generally deranged or lost souls.

Some of them are claiming the protests were only about Trump’s no-show tax returns. Actually, the one here began with a guy (then a FB friend) giving a 10-minute legal brief in defense of Assad & denying he gasses or bombs civilians, as if he were presenting at the International Criminal Court. My blood boilethed over.

A bullhorn wasn’t necessary to project my outrage in response where I gave an antiwar rebuttal denouncing all militarism, all foreign intervention into Syria, Yemen, Iraq, & elsewhere, & defending the Arab revolutions against dictatorship, bombing, foreign armies & militias.

Mock away libertarian do-nothings. Some of us were out trying to change the world.