Another hunt to kill operation in Kashmir

Indian occupation forces fired on protesters & stone pelters in Drubgam village in the Pulwama district of Kashmir today. Reports in Indian & Kashmiri media don’t agree on some of the details, but all say several units of the Indian army, including special forces, cordoned Drubgam village on Friday morning for a hunt to kill operation on a tip from a snitch that two militants were hiding there. Protesters came out to defend the militants & hopefully provide a means to escape the cordon. But one of the men, called the Tiger of Drubgam, was on India’s most wanted list in Kashmir. Both militants, Sameer Ahmad Bhat alias Tiger of Drubgam & Aqib Ahmad Khan of Rajpora, were killed along with 14-year-old Shahid Ahmad, a civilian. Fifteen other unarmed protesters (unless you consider rocks to be a weapon against high-tech artillery) were injured.

One of the most tragic things about this hunt to kill operation is that it is repeated so often in Kashmir, including in the Pulwama district where there were a couple such incidents just in the past six months. When searching for information on the most recent operation, one has to be scrupulous about dates since this violent scenario is a constant under the occupation. Once again, these teenage civilians killed by the army are not “collateral damage,” in the repugnant parlance of the US Pentagon, but are direct targets to demoralize resistance among the young.

Since there are protests today against the killings at Drubgam, it seems clear that even gunning down young unarmed boys will not stop protests against the occupation.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.