And another bozo tries to have a go at poor little me. Had to obliterate him. May he RIP.

Just got accused of ‘dripping with condescension & class-privilege arrogance.’ Either that’s a polemical manipulation or the guy is the only schnook alive who doesn’t spot working class written all over me.

We live in a very class-conscious world & the first thing people do, albeit subconsciously, is size up others for their class status. It’s bred into us. When you’re working-class you grow up very self-conscious of inferiority but if you’re gonna stay an activist you get over that fast or you’ll be eaten alive by those who think themselves superior & treat you with contempt. I could write a book on that since it’s a difficult process to go through.

Being a woman without prestigious titles means when I speak of politics it should be with a timorous voice rather than confidence, that I should defer all over the place, that I should “know my place.”

Screw that rubbish. I became a socialist because I detested inequality & anyone being looked down on. There ain’t no going back on that one. I know what it’s like to feel inferior & I know the freedom of understanding I’m equal. There’s nothing inferior about people who have the power to change the world.

(I post this not just in indignation but because it is so common to be put down in snide ways & I want others to learn young to challenge elitism & never defer to bullying.)