Amnesty International claims US Pentagon let $1 billion of military equipment go to ISIS forces

This is an extremely damning report from Amnesty although they pull their punches when they say the US Pentagon failed to “monitor” over $1 billion of military armaments that got into ISIS hands. If there’s one thing the US Pentagon knows how to do it is manage military operations. They did not just lose $1 billion of assault rifles, mortars, & armored vehicles. Those weapons were intended for ISIS.

The Mosul Apocalypse could have been avoided if the US had cut off weapons supply routes to ISIS fighters & no one knows that better than the generals running the wars in Syria & Iraq. Instead, they are one of the sources for weapons.

The US military has never operated as freedom fighters & never will. It is a counter-revolutionary force in Syria & Iraq. Those who oppose Assad & call for US intervention against him, including a No Fly Zone, are handing Assadist forces a weapon against the revolution. Time to smarten up about the role of the US Pentagon. There are no humanitarian wars conducted by US bombers & special forces.

US & all foreign military forces out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya! No to war. No to occupation.