A vignette from the occupation of Kashmir

Mother of Mubashir (July 6 2017

A vignette from the occupation of Kashmir:

This is the mother of a young college student named Mubashir, now being held in police custody in Srinagar; the protesters, including his family members, are demanding his immediate release.

While returning from night prayers during Ramadan, Mubashir was struck in the foot or leg with one of those so-called stray bullets the Indian army is so notorious for–the kind of “accidental hits” that have killed & injured so many children & other innocent Kashmiris in their homes or walking home from prayer, work, or school. He was taken to hospital for treatment & discharged but police then demanded his family bring him before them for questioning. They kept him in custody without charge since he has committed no crime & was not part of any protest when he was shot.

The family visited him in jail & report he has an infection in the bullet wound but that police are not allowing him to visit a doctor for treatment.

(This photo & report are by a FB friend who spoke to the protesters.)