Being a pain in the ass is part of being an activist. It’s my least favorite part but I’ve become quite adept at badgering which has not enhanced my popularity.

I’m noticing that most of the shares of my posts about Kashmir are by Kashmiris, Indians, or Pakistanis who already know what’s going on. What’s happening is a major human rights crisis & catastrophe that people of good will around the world need to know about so they can take action.

Kashmiris worked tirelessly on social media to break the news blackout & now for the most part are locked out of internet communication. It is an elementary act of solidarity to spread the word about their plight whilst they are forcibly silenced.

You don’t have to share my posts since there are several Kashmiri solidarity pages on FB which you can draw from. But I would urge more of you to post about what is happening in Kashmir as a simple expression of standing with those on the front lines of a brutal colonial occupation. I’m not preaching, just expressing frustration.