Some consider it autocratic & undemocratic to boot reactionaries who want to engage in discussion–so that when Indian nationalists or Zionists want to leave their rancid droppings, we should all listen as if we’re exchanging ideas rather than hostilities. That doesn’t represent a difference of opinion about how to achieve justice but of standing on opposing sides of justice.

There is nothing more important than building an anti-occupation movement in India & there are already forces assembled & mobilized in defense of Kashmir. Those are the people we want to talk & collaborate with. There are countless others of good will uncertain about India’s role in Kashmir because of media lies. Those are the people we want to talk with because justice matters to them. We see no value at all in swapping hostile repartee with Indian nationalists.

This isn’t a debating society. It’s a solidarity wall & there should be no confusion on that score. Let it be said for the umpteenth time, one of the arts of politics is knowing when to save your breath.